6 Reasons why homestay is better than hotel in Kerala?

Stay in a home.  Yes, giving the same feeling of home wherever you go for picnic  is priceless. The whole day you roam and explore many places than will be tired by dawn.  A homestay is a  place where you can just enter into a home itself, where you can get the maximum comfort and pleasant atmosphere.  These are unique features that hotels lack in comparison with homestay. Since hotels are business oriented, they tend to limit the freedom and comfort conditions. Unlike hotels, homestay grabs a unique place in travelers choice of accommodation in journeys, especially in Kerala visit.

Comfortable conditions

After all its someone’s home with all amenities that a home can provide. For example, bed and breakfast. Most of the homestays provide breakfast for the tourists. This is an added advantage compared with hotels. A day can begin with the fresh homemade breakfast and start your journey pleasant and energetic. Along with these, spacious rooms will be more available in homestays.

Homely food

Home stays in ernakulam

The major highlight of any homestay is access to homely food. One can enjoy the authentic essence of that place. No need of worrying about getting healthy food and beverages. Most of the homestay services provide a variety of dishes according to the taste of travelers.

More safety and acquaintance

Why tourists opt for homestay is because they feel safe and relaxed when they come to an entirely strange place. Tourists can stay with a family creating a comfort zone giving the best accommodation experience.

Customized services
Explorers can avail the customized services. Each homestay will be different in their services and conveniences. With this, they provide personalized needs satisfying travelers requirements. Some homestay provides transportation, pick up and drop or arrange for a travel agency itself to roam in the picnic spots. These services vary from home stay to homestay since the ownership varies by families.

Affordable accommodation
Everyone wants to travel with less expenditure. The smart way to reduce the expense is choosing homestay or holiday homes instead of hotels. Not only affordable, the most hygienic and sanitized rooms and space will be made available than hotels.

Different activities

The place where you choose to stay have a lot to be explored. For instance, if you visit Kochi, some of the homestays in Kochi can provide the sunset cruise in Motorboat, Backwater cruise, Kochi tours and also can take part in festivals, carnivals etc. of that season.

Once you have selected your travel destination and choice of homestay, just need to book through their site or through other booking sites with online payment. This makes the easy process of booking and can contact them directly without any third party involvement.

When you travel to a new place, it is always recommended to experience homestays in Kerala tour for accommodation. Especially, when you are traveling with family to enjoy Kerala holidays, try to visit in the season where you can also enjoy the cultural events, ceremonies and choose the homestay to get the maximum comfort. In the hectic busy schedule, homestays in Kerala will be definitely a relishing experience.
To know more about best homestays in Kerala feel free to contact us. Enjoy your traveling, enjoy your stay!!

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